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STEMscopes K-12 Science

Each student has unique learning needs, so you need a flexible curriculum that can help all of your students exceed state standards and the Next Generation Science Standards. Available in print, digital, and kit, our science curriculum offers more than 25 resources for each lesson, and all follow the 5E + intervention and acceleration model with a phenomena-based approach to learning.

STEMscopes Math

Get ready to explore the world of math in a whole new way. Filled with assessments, hands-on activities, games, videos, differentiation tools, and embedded professional development, STEMscopes Math has everything you need to teach your STEM students. 

STEMscopes Coding

Simple, affordable, and a ton of fun, STEMscopes Coding requires only two things to get started: a computer with internet access, and a student who loves exploring apps on the computer. Powered by Bitsbox, STEMscopes Coding teaches students how to build, share, and customize their own apps.

Professional Learning

Teachers are lifelong learners who love sharing their knowledge with others, and we know they’re always perfecting their craft. We deliver highly effective STEM professional learning solutions to educators across the nation through custom-tailored programs that account for the strengths and weaknesses within each school district.

DIVE-in Engineering

Playing make-believe should be part of every child's education. Co-created with New York Hall of Science, DIVE-in is a makerspace engineering curriculum that encourages students to play the part of an engineer as they develop solutions for real-world problems.