customize your district's summer programs

Summer is the perfect time to offer enrichment opportunities and intervention support for your students. Our STEM curricula engage students in problem-based learning, engineering-design challenges, and real-world connections, while also offering standards-based, formative, and summative assessment options for learners in need of intervention.

We'll follow these simple steps to customize a summer program for your school or district:

  • We will schedule a consulting session to identify your objectives, the number of days and hours of your summer school program, and the student grade levels you will serve.
  • Our team will use your information to create a targeted roadmap, including a pre- and post-assessment to measure growth.
  • Your summer teachers will engage in professional learning to help them fully understand the STEMscopes platform and navigate the roadmap we’ve designed for you.
  • Upon completing the summer program, you will meet with our team to analyze post-assessment results and evaluate growth.

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